The Ganjam Way

Amita Shah

Learning from Odisha’s Covid strategy

Stars of the Pharma Sea

India is home to two of the four species of horseshoe crabs, which are now in the spotlight for their role in discovering a possible vaccine for Covid-19

From 10,000 to 41

Odisha’s success at saving lives during cyclones

Daring the Juggernaut

Can Modi storm Naveen Patnaik’s citadel? Amita Shah reports on the epic battle of Odisha

Relentlessly Amit Shah

As he prepares for the next round of elections after UP, the BJP president reveals his mind

My Heart is Settled

In a village in Odisha, victims of child labour are learning to lead a new life

Say It again with a Rosogolla in the Mouth

As Odisha makes a historical claim over the sweet, please remember that Bengali cuisine has been as peripatetic as Bengalis

The Enduring Mystique of Naveen Patnaik

As the Odisha Chief Minister is all set for a fourth term, Ullekh NP, travelling across the state, finds out why one of India’s suavest politicians is the smartest as well


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