BV Doshi (1927-2023): Master of the Space

Kaveree Bamzai

The architect was able to reflect, renew and reorient himself over time

The Mark of Motherhood

Heeraba Modi was extraordinary in her simplicity, resilience and capacity for love

‘There Will Always Be Only One Pelé’

Remembering a conversation with the late football legend in Kolkata

Pele put his arm around me and asked his assistant to take a photo

An Indian journalist recalls that distant moment in 2003 at the Copenhagen waterfront that he still believes is nothing short of a miracle

Pelé (1940-2022): Football After the King

Despite his individual genius, Pelé was the archetype of the team player

Dominique Lapierre (1931-2022): Kolkata’s Adopted Son

The French author’s book on the city’s poverty also showed the resilience of its people

Dominique Lapierre (1931-2022): Kolkata’s Adopted Son

Few authors are as synonymous with a city as French author Dominique Lapierre was with Kolkata

Ela Bhatt (1933-2022): Empowering Woman

She will long be remembered for her efforts to promote women’s welfare

Ian Jack (1945-2022): Memory Man

India had changed the direction of a life spent in the pursuit of things as they were before

A formidable strategist of caste mobilization

Projecting himself as the leader of numerous Other Backward Castes, he forged together a powerful Muslim-Yadav alliance


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