Bernard Madoff (1938-2021): The Big Con

Lhendup G Bhutia

He ran the world’s largest ponzi scheme for decades through a combination of trust and exclusivity

For Queen and Adopted Country

He may have been almost a century old but he was more progressive than any centennial

Larry McMurtry (1936-2021): Book Rancher

The novelist and screenwriter explored the myths and legacies of the American West

Anil Dharker ( 1947 —2021): Mumbai’s Mind

As editor, columnist and literary impresario, Anil Dharker was an original

V Shanta (1927-2021): Doctor on Duty

She dedicated her life to making cancer treatment accessible

Exile and the Kingdom

The writer who famously took India to America was his own biggest story

The Writer Who Came In From the Cold

The greatest spy novelist fictionalised his life while his fiction often seemed too real

The Brutal Honesty of Kim Ki-duk (1960-2020)

The celebrated and controversial South Korean director’s films were replete with gore, violence and sex, but they also exposed our hypocrisies

Dancer Like No One Else

He expanded the possibilities and aesthetics of Indian dance


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