Patrick French (1966-2023): A Very Indian Englishman

Kaveree Bamzai

He made the weightiest subjects come alive with a light touch

Dick Fosbury (1947-2023): The Giant Leap

His revolutionary technique in high jump became the standard of the game

On the Death of a Friend

Funerals are a catharsis rite for the living

Lalitha Lajmi (1932-2023): Heart and Soul

Despite personal tragedies and responsibilities, she celebrated art

Pervez Musharraf: An end with a whimper and not a bang

Author of the failed Kargil adventure, Pervez Musharraf’s death in exile is an unremarkable end for an ambitious general who hoped for glory as a military leader and Pakistan’s president

BV Doshi (1927-2023): Master of the Space

The architect was able to reflect, renew and reorient himself over time

The Mark of Motherhood

Heeraba Modi was extraordinary in her simplicity, resilience and capacity for love

‘There Will Always Be Only One Pelé’

Remembering a conversation with the late football legend in Kolkata

Pele put his arm around me and asked his assistant to take a photo

An Indian journalist recalls that distant moment in 2003 at the Copenhagen waterfront that he still believes is nothing short of a miracle

Pelé (1940-2022): Football After the King

Despite his individual genius, Pelé was the archetype of the team player


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