Northeast India

Feast of the Dead

Rini Barman

Blurring the boundaries between the real and the surreal in Meghalaya

Memory Keeper

The shadow of insurgency in the Northeast

Fear of the Foreigner

The Citizenship Amendment Act and the Northeast exceptionalism

The Myanmar Problem

The ambitious Kalandan Corridor project financed by New Delhi that links Myanmar and the Northeast is in peril. The current deadlock endangers Indian interests in the region and efforts to uplift the people of trouble-hit areas of the eastern neighbour

The New Homebodies of the Northeast

From smart advertising for local tea to promoting the perfect selfie spot under a bridge made of living roots, the young are giving rural Meghalaya a modern twist

North East India: The Centre of Gravity in ‘Act East’ Policy

Northeast has to become an active participant, and not merely a transit or passage, in the Act East policy

Northeast: Dividends of Geography

The terms of governance will change as the lotus blooms in the Northeast

Open Diary

Will the BJP's performance in Tripura rub off on West Bengal?

Gender and Geography

Being feminine is so natural in this celebration of the Northeast


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