His Many Suns

Rahul Pandita

Finally, non-Punjabi readers can feel the anguish in the poems of Lal Singh Dil, a Naxalite poet from Punjab

Prison Diaries

Mumbai-based activist Arun Ferreira kept a prison diary during his incarceration in Nagpur Central Jail. We reproduce here a shortened version of his experiences and some of the sketches he drew in prison

Daughter of a Maoist

Terrorised by the police, bereft of parents, evicted from school—what it means to be a 15-year-old daughter of parents ‘wanted’ by the State

Farewell to Arms

If the Supreme Court wants SPOs in the state disarmed, what about other conflict zones?

100lb Guerillas

Slightly built they may be, but you’d be a fool to take them lightly. Battle-hardened, fiercely committed to their cause and proud of the identity the movement gives them, the woman Maoists here are every bit as fierce as their male comrades.

The War is On

With Azad’s killing, the Centre has lost a big opportunity for peace with Maoists.

India’s Dubious Role in Copenhagen

The Government, says the author, needs to replace its self-righteous ‘development’ rhetoric with concrete action on the environment. For a start, it could reconsider the planned mining projects that will damage the environment on a gigantic scale.

Why Voting Is Futile

Parliamentary democracy is an illusion for the masses while revolution is their reality


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