Nawaz Sharif

Imran Khan: Down but Not Out

Makarand R Paranjape

Imran Khan could offer an opportunity that India must not forego

The Foundational Error

The power balance in Pakistan is poised on a fragile axis. Sharif, Zardari and Khan constitute a lopsided triangle. All three are high-stakes gamblers in the no-limits political casino. The croupier-owner is the army. All three know that this is their last throw of dice

Déjà Vu in Pakistan

Economic recovery will be slow amidst political instability no matter who wins the election

The Circle Gets Bigger

The conceptual daring and strategic potential of an economic corridor

Kargil and Clinton

The US president did not accept the condition that he should mediate between India and Pakistan

The Opium Jihad

How Pakistan created the world’s most dangerous narco state

Pervez Musharraf: An end with a whimper and not a bang

Author of the failed Kargil adventure, Pervez Musharraf’s death in exile is an unremarkable end for an ambitious general who hoped for glory as a military leader and Pakistan’s president

Pakistan’s Dilemma

Shuja Nawaz offers an insider’s perspective on strained US-Pakistan ties and challenges for India’s hostile neighbour

Still Searching for Nawaz Sharif

A portrait of the fallen Pakistani leader in the words of others

The Banality of Change

The Punjab assembly says all about Pakistan’s fate


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