The Shadow of Partition

Ullekh NP

Tracing the evolution of Muslim politics in north India

Panaceas and Placebos

An avuncular treatise on how digital technology might lead us into a better future

A Nation Apart

Can BJP afford an India divided?

Will Modi play the great game?

The last outpost of the Raj still survives in South Block

Decolonisation of the Mind

A question for Lord Macaulay’s children

Little Bits of the World in India

All that we call foreign endures deep within the nation

India Is Not a Hindu Monochrome

To call India a Hindu nation is to pigeonhole its plural, multi-ethnic character

‘People Are the Nation’

People who share a sentiment about a nation, a common history and a common set of values

Pakistan circa 2020

The great four-way split happened five years ago, in 2015, but the impact is still being felt, what with the latest Pashtoonistan crisis.


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