Narendra Modi

Modi Still Has a Story to Tell

S Prasannarajan

He succeeded because he rejected the politics of failure

China’s Great Leap Backward

Why Modi is unlikely to please Xi with a Beijing visit

Hope or Hoax?

Behind Kejriwal’s shifting ideological positions

Standing Up to Beijing’s Belligerence

India’s newfound confidence in using its economic strength to counter China has changed how the world sees Delhi

The Ball Swings India’s Way

New Delhi keeps away from the turmoil in Pakistan, preferring to watch from a distance the steady ebbing of Islamabad’s strategic clout

Modi-Deuba promise to develop power, hydro resources turns page on troubled ties

Nepal Prime Minister three-day visit promises to emphasise economic and cultural link and settle disputes like Kalapani-Lipulekh through quiet, structured negotiations

The New Social Order

Gone are the days of courtiers and couriers. Thank Modi for that

The Homecoming of the Gods

With India making requests for stolen artefacts a part of diplomacy, the rate of return of lost treasures has increased from a trickle to a consistent flow

Who’s Afraid of the Hindu Vote?

The anti-BJP plank will resort to dividing the electorate along regional, religious, caste and linguistic lines in the run-up to 2024 despite the fact that such a strategy no longer yields the dividends it once did

BJP weighs Dhami’s `doer’ image in deciding Uttarakhand CM

Reinstating a chief minister who lost his seat is a tricky precedent to set


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