Zakir Hussain: The Virtuoso

Lhendup G Bhutia

His three new Grammys are a triumph for not just Indian but world music

Ravi Shankar: The Hermit and the Heartbreaker

Oliver Craske’s biography reveals the many lives of Ravi Shankar by balancing his personal history with his musical mastery

Khayyam (1927-2019): Soul Musician

In 75 working years, the composer worked for only 54 movies but left behind immortal songs

The Sound of Music

A fan tells the AR Rahman story

Zakir Khan: The Khan of Comedy

A sitar player from Indore is India’s biggest stand-up act

Dhanush, Actor

Tamil Exceptionalism


A completely incoherent film from an otherwise talented director

A Tawaif’s Tale

Vikram Sampath on the challenges of researching a book on 20th century singer Gauhar Jaan.


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