The Historian’s Eye

William Dalrymple

Tracing the footprints of Anarchy from Shah Alam’s Delhi to the Company’s Calcutta with a camera phone. Text and Photographs by William Dalrymple

Jadunath Sarkar, GS Sardesai and Raghubir Sinh: Three Lives in History

Jadunath Sarkar, GS Sardesai and Raghubir Sinh offer lessons in dissent in our own time of churn

I Eat, Therefore I Am

With the hedonist at the high table, many are putting their money where the mouth is

Twilight Diaries

A rare look into the everyday life of the last Mughals

The Fifth Gospel

A forgotten biography of Jesus that was written for Akbar

Behind the Curtain

The unsung heroines of the Mughal era


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