Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

Kashmir: The Cost of a Statement

Rahul Pandita

The architect of the BJP-PDP alliance in Kashmir has been sacked. Will it affect the partnership?

The Two Farooq Ahmed Dars of Kashmir

The curious case of two Farooq Ahmed Dars and New Delhi’s misplaced priorities in Kashmir

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed: A Life In Full

The late bloomer Mufti Mohammad Sayeed (1936–2016) leaves behind a legacy of reconciliation. Make use of it

The Return of Rage

Discontent in Kashmir deepens as the PDP-BJP government loses its way

‘Modi should emulate Vajpayee on Kashmir’

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the PDP leader who is set to become the next Chief Minister of J&K, spoke to Open's Managing Editor on a range of issues

Two Men on a Mission in the Valley

Can Narendra Modi and Mufti Mohammad Sayeed afford to miss history in J&K?


Let Mufti Mohammad Sayeed be J&K’s Chief Minister for the full six-year term


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