Chasing a Pandemic

Mathematical modellers are influencing Covid-19 policies in real time

Padma Lakshmi: Mind and Body

Anyone who reads Love, Loss and What We Ate realises that there is so much more to Padma Lakshmi than a couple of years spent with a famous man

The Show Goes On

A decade into her modelling career, at a stage when most others would have thought it prudent to call it quits, Candice Pinto still walks the ramp nearly 300 days a year. The secret of her career longevity

Confessions of an Upcoming Model

“One night, the Chennai-based model coordinator who boasted of Bollywood contacts called with the offer of a holiday with him”

Poonam Pandey

We know that Pandey was hospitalised after Dhoni and his boys bled blue for her

Managing a Supermodel’s Suicide

How Viveka Babajee’s family handled the publicity after her death. And what happens next.

Confessions of a Fashion Photographer

“A film star may not always look great or be in a good mood. It’s up to the photographer to use lighting, make-up to ensure the shot looks great.”


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