Gender and Geography

Sharanya Manivannan

Being feminine is so natural in this celebration of the Northeast

Santali: Talking Time

Two tribal villages in Bengal revive the Santali language

Daily Mail plagiarises Open magazine

UK’s Daily Mail carries a story plagiarising portions of Open’s feature ‘Mizoram’s Wild Flower’

The Homecoming

38 years after she was lost as a child, a woman returns

Mizoram’s Wild Flower

The amazing story of the four-year-old who went missing in a jungle and returned 38 years later

Big Fat Family

In what could be the largest family in the world, men live with dozens of wives and scores of children, and all survive in enviable peace.

In Mizoram, the Omen

Seven thousand fanatical Christians have boycotted the census because they believe Nilekani’s unique identification project is Satan’s plan to rule the world.


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