MF Husain

The Illustrious Illustrator

N Kalyan Raman

The classic Namboodiri sketches


Tailin Lyngdoh's brush with Delhi's club culture

The Art of Capitalism

The power of patronage

The Pornography of Morality

Look who's undermining Modi's modernity agenda

A People’s Painter

A famous artist who was happy to oblige a friend and paint Mickey Mouse cartoons on her children’s furniture

‘Husain Repeats Himself’

In a rare interview, artist Jogen Chowdhury speaks about his friend MF Husain, his guru Tagore and the thrill of selling a painting for Rs 150

Congress in an Honorary Quandary

At Aligarh Muslim University, which wants to confer honorary doctorates on Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, the Congress is caught in a bind of its own making.

The Newsmakers

A compulsive daydreamer teleports himself to 2020 to doodle a future history of the newsmakers of the next decade.

Husain’s New Canvas

He’s 94, but not afraid of opening up to new technology. Artist MF Husain sketches his life out for the e-reader.

When Fame is Mere Compensation

The booming Indian art scene has left many artists licking their wounds. With India yet to make rules on resale royalty, they can claim nothing of the astronomical sums their signed works are fetching


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