Men-women relationship

The Freedom of the Ancients

Lakshmi Bayi

A legacy strong enough for 21st century attitude to intimacy

The Art of Repair

A novel that echoes with loneliness, loss, longing, and unfulfilled promises

Love on Trial

Death does not deter intercaste and interfaith couples

Great Mismatched Expectations

In a country where the wedding services industry is worth over $56 billion, one cannot ignore the lure of arranged marriages

Love in Lockdown

A little bit of high-tech, a lot of old-fashioned waiting. That’s how romance is unfolding in the age of Covid-19

House of Spirits

A tapestry of two families, one upper-class and the other desperately poor, united by happenstance

Can Covid Change the Way We Date and Mate?

Cohabitation and carnal status updates in a pandemic

The Good Fight

How a woman reclaimed her life from an abusive marriage

The Malabar Male

The truth about northern Kerala’s homoeroticism

Caprice and Quirks

Sumana Roy writes of characters troubled by curious ailments


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