Men-women relationship

Assisted Romance

Lhendup G Bhutia

Singles are upping their love quotient with simulated dates, spruced up profiles on dating apps and workshops with relationship coaches

Family Truths

An exploration of the Indian middle-class psyche

After the Iberian #MeToo

A football boss’ ouster shows how much things have improved for women in Spain

Mothers and Daughters

A journey into lost love and its lingering trauma

In Search of a Metaphor

When a loved one’s mind starts to alter

Shot Through the Heart

A brief history of murder in intimate relationships

‘Often when love is gained, it can start to feel unheroic,’ says Mansi Choksi

Mansi Choksi’s book chronicles the lives of three young couples who chose love over all else. She speaks about what they gained and what they lost

Conjugal Justice

Five years after instant triple talaq was declared unconstitutional, many Muslim women now seek a ban on other unequal practices

The Door Closes

When you marry a narcissist


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