Men-women relationship

The Door Closes

Ruchika Soi

When you marry a narcissist

Ancient Wisdom on Sexuality

Neo-Victorians as exemplars of tradition are misfits in society

Raising Them Right

Imagining a feminist future for one’s child

May the Road Rise up to Meet You

And don’t go away with a goodbye

Love In the Time of Covid

When our writer discovered that loneliness is caused by the lack of intimacy

Viral Sexuality

Remote romance and other dampeners

The Freedom of the Ancients

A legacy strong enough for 21st century attitude to intimacy

The Art of Repair

A novel that echoes with loneliness, loss, longing, and unfulfilled promises

Love on Trial

Death does not deter intercaste and interfaith couples

Great Mismatched Expectations

In a country where the wedding services industry is worth over $56 billion, one cannot ignore the lure of arranged marriages


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