The Principled Life of Kobad Ghandy

Ullekh NP

Memoirs of a man who was born into affluence but chose a life of struggle

‘Red Flags Suddenly Disappeared’

Signs of BJP storming this CPM citadel had been in the air several weeks ago

A Political Dawn in the Northeast

Organizational works pays off for the BJP

Breaching the Bamboo Curtain

It’s a direct fight between CPM and BJP in Tripura. Amita Shah reports from the last Marxist bastion under threat

Fidel Castro: My Hero in Havana

For the world of communism, he was the last icon

Dialectical Materials

Works by five Leftist artists show the interplay of ideas, politics and camaraderie in vivid colours

Red Alert

The fate of West Bengal is linked in many ways to how the CPM deals with the confusion that has gripped it over the years.

Comrade vs Comrade

The dice is loaded in favour of the Kerala faction of the CPM in its stand-off with the Bengal unit. Yet, this marks the Marxist party’s most bitter internal divide yet.


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