It Could Have Been Worse

Bibek Debroy

Lessons from John Dryden in how to look back at 2021

The Outlier State

The economic recovery has defied grim forecasts but there are enough reasons for cautious optimism

How to Jack Up Growth Rate

What we need to do to jack up growth from 5.5 per cent to 7 per cent and more. A lot will depend on the states too


A big cottage industry

Global Study on Indian Informal Sector Reveals Shocking Results

High economic growth rate has done very little for unorganized workers, especially women and lower castes


From Reliance Jio’s Made-in-India 5G plan to the recent boom in desi apps and PPE manufacturing, Indian industry gets ready for a swadeshi turn

The Inward Gaze

The evolution of self-reliance from Gandhi’s village ideal to Modi’s national vision

Anyone for the Chinese Ganesha?

The struggle is less against those who threaten a rock here and a waterfall there than with those who threaten the idea of India

Is the manufacturing tide shifting away from China?

India can capitalise with focused and forward-looking policy initiatives

On a Wing and a Dare

The success of an indigenously developed passenger aircraft would depend on our willingness to embrace failure as part of the design process


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