Soft Power

Kaveree Bamzai

The rise of South Indian male babe

Girl Power Steals the Scene

The struggle for dignity and civility

Male and Malevolent in Kerala

Only in Kerala. Where an actor accused in a rape case is feted and protected by a powerful brotherhood in the industry while the victim, a popular heroine of South Indian cinema, supported by a few of her feisty female colleagues, fights alone for justice in the face of rising insensitivity and indifference from the patriarchs of Malayalam cinema

Slap and Strut

Malayali matinee idols and their vulgar masculinity

Pulp Paradox

By pandering to the prurient fantasies of Malayali men, Kerala’s popular culture has abetted misogyny in life and politics

The New Second Sex

Exploited, underpaid, underemployed, and still dreaming. The agony of the Indian male model

The World at His Feet

The rise of male classical dancers

Sexuality of Fashion

At the recent Amazon India Fashion Week, almost everything was tagged as “androgynous” because for some time now, it has become a fad, and if women didn’t strut around in men’s clothing, they were not cool

Female Dominance

How women outnumbered men and contributed more to the genetic structure of modern humans


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