The Sea Within

Carlo Pizzati

Life’s lessons from the beach to infinity

China’s Man in Malé

Mohamed Muizzu is helping Beijing expand its presence in the Indian Ocean

A Kung Fu Panda Pact

Maldives’ Chinese tilt and the Bazball syndrome in cricket

Lakshadweep Calling

India must compete for not only foreign tourists but also its own travellers

Brij Bhushan’s Fall

If the strongman from Gonda felt he was indispensable in his political backyard, he was mistaken

Rumble In BJD

Veteran BJD leader and Cuttack MP Bhartruhari Mahtab met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, setting off talk of whether the MP would switch sides to BJP.

Maldives: Leap of Freedom

As democracy returns to the Maldives, fresh hope has arisen in a country that had lapsed into dictatorship. Omkar Khandekar reports from the victor’s exile camp in Colombo

Flypaper Colonialism

China’s massive investments in South Asia pose a huge geopolitical challenge to India

The Maldives-GMR standoff

GMR claims the Maldivian government owes the firm more than $3 million

A Coup Made in India?

Despite reports of a sordid role played by India’s High Commissioner in the Maldives coup of 7 February, the Ministry of External Affairs retains ‘full confidence’ in its chargé d’affaires in Male


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