Mahatma Gandhi

Was Partition Inevitable?

Roderick Matthews

It was about human frailty: stubbornness, inexperience and ambition

Who Killed Swaraj?

The fallacy of the development doctrine

Throwing out Secular Nehru with the Socialist Bathwater

The end of an idea that was Indian politics’ greatest contradiction

The Story of Two Maidans

The grounds beneath freedom’s feet

Totem and Triumphalism

Today we do not know if we are eating food, or if the food we eat is, in fact, eating us

Indian Railways: Track Record

The evolution of one of the world’s largest transport systems is a study on India’s cultural history as well

The Love Story of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Ruttie Petit: An Explosive Affair

The love story of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Ruttie Petit starts like a Mills & Boon romance but turns into a Shakespearean tragedy

The Man behind the Mahatma

A retelling of the Gandhi story for the young


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