M Karunanidhi

Who’s Afraid of Hindi?

Rajeev Deshpande

The national education policy and political opposition to BJP add a new twist to an old debate

The Last Scriptwriter

An empathetic portrait of Karunanidhi

Follow the Script

Keeping Karunanidhi’s literary legacy alive in the arena

The Tamil Mind

A cultural study extending from Periyar to Cho

M Karunanidhi (1924-2018): End of an Epic

He scripted the most enduring show of Dravidian politics

Karunanidhi (1924-2018)

Kalaignar lived the life of a calculating adventurer

J Jayalalithaa (1948-2016): The Last Mother

Always a winner. Even in her death

Tamil Nadu: The Cult of Mother is Intact

For the first time, Tamil Nadu has voted back an incumbent party contesting without an ally

J Jayalalithaa: The Phoenix

J Jayalalithaa, acquitted by the court, returns to reclaim the crown. Is she on her way to become Tamil Nadu’s most powerful political icon?

Patriarch in Pathos

At 90, he is presiding over a disintegrating dynasty, and this election could be the last electoral battle of a man who scripted some sensational moments in Dravidian politics. Vaasanthi captures the agony of being M Karunanidhi


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