Left politics

The Legitimacy Police

S Prasannarajan

The politics of illegitimacy has lost its ideological custody rights

Left, Right and Nowhere

Who’s more fascist than the other?

JNU: End of the Romance

JNU brings out the redundancy of the campus Left

Battleground JNU

The university, ravaged by a politics of extremes, will have to find itself a new equilibrium

The Awakening

While the terms of Left engagement have changed dramatically in the West, a new Hindu overconfidence has displaced old liberal assumptions in India

Open Diary

The making of a rightist intelligentsia

False Alarmists

Legitimate criticism of the Right is increasingly rare

A Leftist Tradition

Look who’s raging against cultural appropriation

Can the Indian Left Reinvent Itself?

Communists face a do-or-die battle for survival

Inside the Hate-Modi Industry

The visceral hatred for Modi is making many observers of politics lose their objectivity. In their desperation to see him on his knees, they find meanings where none exists


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