Left politics

The Great Derangement

The vaunted rationalism of Dravidianism is a mask for the deepest prejudice

Is the Indian Left Anti-Marx?

A recent event barring a Dalit scholar from a talk at LSR suggests so, argues Dr Aditi Narayani Paswan

Born In Communism

The romance and rejection of an ideology that let us dream

Mind over Matter

The Left may have shrunk politically, but it is still an intellectual force to reckon with

Bucking History

On opinion polls showing that Kerala might not change its mind in this election

The Legitimacy Police

The politics of illegitimacy has lost its ideological custody rights

Left, Right and Nowhere

Who’s more fascist than the other?

JNU: End of the Romance

JNU brings out the redundancy of the campus Left

Battleground JNU

The university, ravaged by a politics of extremes, will have to find itself a new equilibrium


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