KR Meera

Best of Books 2018: My Choice

Nandini Nair

William Dalrymple | Tishani Doshi | Srinath Raghavan | Aatish Taseer | KR Meera | Arshia Sattar | Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Art of Darkness

Love is a moral trauma in KR Meera’s new novel

Meera’s Romance

Love and revenge with a feminist flavour

A Thousand Tongues

The pleasures and perils of translation came to the fore at a recent literature festival

Laugh Out Loud, Ladies

Patriarchy and the violence against happiness

The Heart of Revolution

KR Meera’s new novella is born of an early fascination with Naxalism and freedom

KR Meera: Rebel with a Pause

She reveals the gendered ideologies imprisoning her characters, constructing a feminist model of dominant literature

The executioner’s song

A dark, masterful satire plays on death and the media, bringing one of Kerala’s strongest voices to English via Calcutta


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