Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

Why Kiran Nadar Matters

Suhel Seth

How to amplify India’s soft power internationally

Framing India

Raghu Rai’s pre-digital photographs capture the everyday and the extraordinary

Anupam Sud: A Printmaker’s Passion

Anupam Sud plays with the human form to tell a sinister story

Points of View

India of the 1800s and 1900s seen through a French and Indian lens

Joining the Dots

Movements and conversations of modern Indian art

Remembrance of things to come

Stretching from Partition through recent violence against women, the work of Amar Kanwar is a constant conversation with history. The reclusive artist explains why

Misadventurers in the Museum

The women whose imaginations currently fill Delhi’s Kiran Nadar Museum of Art are many things, their work an inventory of artistic possibility


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