Karnataka Assembly elections

Everything Has Changed

S Prasannarajan

Modi is the change India is yet to comprehend fully

All Eyes on Raj Bhavan

As BJP and JD-S vie to form Karnataka’s government, the Congress has lessons to learn in defeat

BJP Emerges Victor

But a Congress-JD(S) coalition may be on the cards

Modi’s South Side Story

Karnataka could be the beginning of a new argument that breaches the last resistance of the Vindhyas

Final Call in Karnataka: A Wave or a Goodbye?

The BJP bets on Modi magic and caste arithmetic to beat a popular chief minister

An Embarrassment of Saffron Riches

The famous Reddy brothers and other worthies of oversized reputations make the mining district of Ballari a site of titanic clashes

Reclaiming the Coast

Open follows the taproot of Hindutva politics in Dakshina Kannada

Playing With Faith

With the Congress cashing in on the Lingayats’ demand for a separate religious identity, Karnataka’s caste politics comes full circle on the eve of a nervous Assembly election


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