John Abraham

Welcome Back

Ajit Duara

This inane comedy’s tapori accents, ridiculous lines and weak casting make you cringe

Playing Patience in Bollywood

When Failure Struck • A Role Too Close to Home

Bollywood’s Latest Bromance

The Devgn-SRK Détente • A Case of Post Sign-Up Dissonance

Bollywood’s shifting tides

Priced Out • Mobbed by a Bevy of Wannabes

The Homely Girl is Much at Home

Sports over Slapstick • Studio Prodigal’s Desperate Moves

Why is John a star but Nawaz an actor?

Decoding ‘stardom’ in Bollywood

The Birthday Party Without Exes

The Birthday Party Without Exes • A Nineties’ Story Revisited • The Superstar’s Crisis Coach

Ballsy Bombay Boy

For John Abraham it’s credibility over career, fitness over glamour. Nikhil Taneja talks to the surprisingly straight-edge star

Madras Cafe

This political spy thriller is the bravest Hindi film in a long time

A Shirtless Hunk’s Fear of Flying Low

A Shirtless Hunk’s Fear of Flying Low • Piggy Chops’ Tearjerker • War of the Parties


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