Mumbai Notebook

Anil Dharker

Jinnah's house on Malabar Hill and daily blood on the tracks

Tridip Suhrud: ‘Did Gandhi fear a violent death? No. He feared a purposeless death’

In conversation with Tridip Suhrud, India’s foremost Gandhi scholar

Fear and Loathing in Aligarh

Assertions of religious identity in the face of sectarian politics put the spotlight on India’s most famous Muslim university

All for the Sake of Nehru

Jinnah’s Pakistan demand was more tactical than practical

Who’s Afraid of Muhammad Ali Jinnah?

Let him not divide India further

Was Partition Inevitable?

It was about human frailty: stubbornness, inexperience and ambition

The Love Story of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Ruttie Petit: An Explosive Affair

The love story of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Ruttie Petit starts like a Mills & Boon romance but turns into a Shakespearean tragedy

Pakistan Without Tears

Lahore in Islamic glow and the repudiation of the past

India Before Itself

India’s ancient and medieval past may be rich in experiences and personalities but its challenges belong very much to the modern world


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