But Where Was the Method?

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the ISRO chairman saying that science has its roots in the Vedas

2023: A Space Odyssey

Over a hundred startups are putting India on the road to becoming a major player in the global space economy. Their services range from building rockets, providing rideshares for micro and small satellites to launching space balloons for tourism, streaming live HD video from satellites and more

The Devas Matrix

The Supreme Court order upholding the winding up of the company for fraud will help India contest arbitration awards totalling 15,000 crore even as the new developments turn the spotlight on a UPA-era deal and a plot to cheaply sell expensive space band spectrum

One Giant Bite for India

Gaganyaan, the country’s first manned mission, will also see the launch of Indian space food

In Search of New Frontiers

The brains and blood behind ISRO

The Anatomy of Chandrayaan-2

Inside the technology that thrilled—and failed

Missing the Moon By a Whisker

But India’s space dream is bigger than Chandrayaan-2

Missing history by a whisker, Indian scientists continue to dream big

A billion hearts sank as mission controllers lost communication with the craft when it was only 2.1 kilometers from the dusty surface

The Moon: Lunar Race

Chandrayaan 2 and man’s first moon landing


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