Shooting for the Stars

Ullekh NP

The story of India’s success in the space programme lies in its innate scientific temper and the art of making do with less

ISRO Sets Eyes on the Sun

The sun might be a lonely star in the vast expanse of space but it requires all the minds of Earth to study it for common benefit

Romancing the Moon

When science encounters faith and philosophy

‘Our relations with agencies like NASA and ESA have become more equal’

In conversation with Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for Science and Technology

The New Space Order

India is the fourth country to land on the moon. It is the first to land near the lunar south pole. The failure of Russia’s Luna-25 just a few days earlier also played a part in ensuring India won this leg of the space race

On the Moon

India joins the exclusive league of space superpowers with the soft-landing of its moon mission Chandrayaan-3 near the south pole of the lunar surface

India Is on the Moon

In the biggest-ever milestone for the Indian space programme, Chandrayaan-3 touches down on the surface on the moon

Science and God

Keeping with India’s cultural traditions


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