Israel-Palestine conflict

The War During Passover

In the conflict between Iran and Israel, the hostages cannot be forgotten

The Road From Damascus

Israel’s strike at Iran on Syrian soil is likely to escalate the war in Gaza

The Silence of the Sheikhs

The fear of the Arab Street and Washington

A Lethal Impasse in Gaza

What is the way out as the international pressure on Israel mounts and the humanitarian crisis deepens?

Rightwing Views

If my views were mildly pro-Israel before the latest bout of conflict, it has become stridently anti-Hamas since that raid across the Gaza Strip and the taking of hostages

Israel’s Unwinnable War

Time is running out for Netanyahu and his allies

The Arc of War

As the Middle East conflict spreads from Gaza to the Red Sea, there is hope yet for an optimistic outcome that can stabilise the region by bringing states closer together and countering the polarisation of recent years

Alone and Together

Being an Israeli has been redefined, but only just

War and Fear

The old danger has returned as the most potent threat to global security


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