A Natural Partnership

Rajeev Deshpande

Prime Minister Modi’s unambiguous support for Israel identifies the Jewish state as a friend in need while the global condemnation of Hamas’ terror reflects India’s core concerns

The Right to Be Unafraid

Israel has survived because it could not afford fear. It must guard against the psychological scars of October 7

Destiny’s Doctrine

Does Hamas have an objective beyond widening the arc of destruction?

Never Again

So many Jews have not been killed in a single day since the Holocaust. India must help us get the hostages released

The Death of a Pipe Dream

The only way Israel can ensure who governs Gaza is by governing it itself

United By Grief

My Indian friends find it difficult to understand our choice to stay put and fight. We do not abandon ship in troubled waters. That’s the Israeli spirit

The Levant In Memory

What lies trapped in the unending cycles of violence

A Dangerous New World

The consequences of Hamas’ attack will spiral out, bringing disruptive changes to the long-running conflict in Israel-Palestine, to the Middle East and as far afield as South Asia

The Palestinian Jihad

From Arafat’s empty holster to Hamas’ cult of death

‘Israel will aim to destroy Hamas’ military capabilities’

In conversation with Israeli political scientist and army veteran Dr Ahron Bregman


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