Jai Bhim has been brewing in my mind for 15 years: Director Gnanavel

Ullekh NP

Torture scenes in the movie are nothing compared with reality, says the 40-year-old former journalist

All the Same

This novel shuttles between history and the present

Tariq Thachil: The Anti-Elitist

He examines how India’s disadvantaged groups are taken for a ride by certain political parties

Trupti Desai: Fighting Gods

Her activism strikes at the root of the insular traditions of religion and India's androcentric culture

Nambi Narayanan: Still Waiting for Justice

More than two decades after he was framed in a false case, the Kerala government is yet to pay damages to former scientist Nambi Narayanan. Now he wants the Centre to set up a panel to reexamine the case fabricated by the state police and IB

Innocent but Guilty

An Indian maths scholar in the US is convicted on the absurd charge of threatening George W Bush. He faces over three decades in prison. His scientist father was once unjustly jailed by India for being a US spy. The story of a family’s battle for justice.


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