Gentlemen Prefer Inflation Indexed Bonds

Shailendra Tyagi

Instead of WPI-linked bonds, Indian households would rather have CPI-linked securities shield them from inflation

Don’t Make a Hash of the Cash

Will the Government’s cash transfer scheme set off inflation? This and other risks to watch out for

Chinese Whispers as Strategic Tools

China’s record on keeping its inflation under control has been quite remarkable of late. What could possibly explain this?

Mr Prime Minister, You Are Defaulting

For all his reformist credentials, the PM is in danger of being remembered as a failure on the issue that matters most—inflation

The Long View at Long Last

Inflation can distort investment and the overall allocation of resources in an economy

The Price of Onions Explained

Why has the agriculture sector growth not eased surging food inflation

Business Briefing 24/04

RBI Gently Does It; Salad Days Are Over

Double Barrel Duvvuri

RBI is betting on growth but inflation is a concern.

Up, up and away Go Food Prices

Netas will pass the buck, trot out excuses and do the usual neta things, but food prices are not coming down in a hurry.

Food Shock

It’s been an agri annus horribilis. The crops spared by drought were hit by floods. And now food prices are headed skywards.


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