The Duality of the Hijab

Pallavi Aiyar

Indian liberals see it as choice but their Indonesian counterparts as coercion

Party and the Family

What Sonia Gandhi can learn from Megawati Sukarnoputri

The Game of the Name

What we call our children says a lot about us as a society

Eka Kurniawan: A Terrible Beauty Is Born

The rising star of Indonesian fiction, Eka Kurniawan spins a tale that is as bloody as it is brilliant. He has a message for the world—the truth always exposes itself. The magical realist in conversation with Open

Indonesia’s Uncle Pai

His comics bear an uncanny resemblance to the signature Amar Chitra Katha style. And yet, Raden Ahmed Kosasih, the father of the Indonesian comic, was doing this many years before Pai began his own epic effort.

Indonesia’s Barter Model Pays Dividends

Having averaged about 5.5 per cent growth over the past five years, Indonesia now nurtures a desire to join the BRIC league.

Weekend Wisdom

Dhume’s book serves as an apt portrait of an Indonesia torn between love for Osama bin Laden and Demi Moore


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