Indo-US relations

The American Interest

Sudeep Paul

He brought Washington to South Asia

A Unique Work Ethic

The Indian American community behind ‘Howdy, Modi!’ showcased what unites America and India is greater than what divides it

The World According to the Donald

If Trump succeeds in revamping US foreign policy, he will set the stage for a true partnership with India


Looking beyond the personal chemistry between Modi and Obama

India Is Elsewhere

Obama’s State of the Union address on 20 January reinforces his protectionist image. It would scare potential investors away from projects such as the Make in India initiative


Lame duck President meets rampant Prime Minister

An American in Delhi

President Barack Obama at this Republic Day Parade is all about Modi’s mission on his own mythology—and his India


Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaches America at a time when the relationship between Washington and Delhi is at a low ebb. Beyond the spectacle starring a man who loves performance lies a harder challenge: Can the enchanter redeem an alliance gone astray?

F16 Jets: To Buy or Not to Buy

The world’s biggest defence deal could come through soon. However, the US seems determined to change the rules midway.

Keep Your Counsel, Prime Minister

Manmohan Singh’s maiden visit to the Obama White House need not make news to be a success


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