Indo-US relations

Portraits of Power

Karthik Nachiappan

The India-US relationship as a study in leadership

American Choice

Modi’s peculiar predicament about whom to root for in the Democratic nomination after Super Tuesday

A Study in Performance Politics

In Trump’s world, the reward of performance is perception and he had more than enough of that

Spectacular Diplomacy

India staged a grand show for Trump. And now it will be wise for Delhi to push for a trade deal with Washington

A New Beginning

Donald Trump’s visit hopes to build on the practical nature of bilateral economic and security ties

What’s the Deal?

It is in India’s interest to heed America’s desire for a larger trade pact

Who’s Afraid of Pax Americana?

The shape of the world tomorrow hinges on the strategic choices the US makes today

Trusting in Trump

The strengthening American ties with democratic India have assumed greater geopolitical importance for Washington, given that US policies in this century have counterproductively fostered a partnership between the world’s largest nuclear power, Russia, and the world’s second-largest economy, China

Inside the President’s Mind

Donald Trump will arrive in Delhi in the most angry and aggrieved state of his presidency

In Light of India

There is a lot on offer for Donald Trump beyond business


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