Indian subcontinent

Between Landscapes and Dreamscapes

A majestic celebration of the cultural diversity of the subcontinent

The Nehru Appeal

For posterity, he remains a subcontinental giant who bestrode the global stage

Pride Portraits

Three artists from the subcontinent create online works of intimacy

Ma Ganga by Another Name

The Mekong region and our Gangetic civilisation share an ancient past that enriched both

Temptations of a Greater India

The legacy of an ambitious project in history

Blood in the Sand

A line drawn in Afghanistan which changed the history of the subcontinent forever

Partition: Lives Apart

Three contrarian Partition stories: a Punjabi Muslim, a Frontier Pathan, and a sensationalist

Beauty of the Moment

The violence of the subcontinent echoes in Nadeem Aslam’s new novel


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