Indian students

Sumy Students to Exit Ukraine Via Lviv, Polish Border

Ullekh NP

Lack of clearance meant stranded students had to travel afar westward, not to the nearby Russian border

India an a Tight Rope

New Delhi balances ties with Russia and the West while keeping an eye on China

The Students’ Dilemma

The Ukraine crisis tosses up another chapter in India’s evacuation manual

Covid proved to be a blessing in disguise for this Kharkiv medical student

Siddharth Nambiar was to fly to Kyiv on February 25, a day after the Russian invasion began

Breathing dust, skipping meals, students in Eastern Ukraine face sleepless nights

Evacuation of Indians on the western side is in full swing, but is yet to start in areas bordering Russia

Education: The Silk Route to Degrees

Can’t get into Oxbridge or Ivy League? There are cheaper and attractive options in Asia, Indian students find out


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