Indian Railways

The English Track Record

Rosie Llewellyn-Jones

A traveller’s tale from colonial India

Amnesia On Railway Safety

Public memory tends to be short but the Railways were subject to coalition politics when the Congress-led UPA was in office

Accident or Sabotage?

The Balasore train crash sets off a political storm and a CBI inquiry raises the possibility of a conspiracy

Lessons from a Train Crash

There is a difference between accountability and responsibility

The Great Indian Railways Makeover

Sleek new trains and a rapid modernisation push are enhancing the appeal of railway travel

New Train of Thought

Five measures to transform the Railways

Mumbai Notebook

Judicial overreach and mercury overshoot

Staying on Track

Can we keep Railway finances clear and sensible?

Track Record (Continued)

Indian Railways as a work in progress

On the Slow Track

The Indian Railways needs more than imported solutions


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