Indian Ocean

China’s Man in Malé

Harsh V Pant

Mohamed Muizzu is helping Beijing expand its presence in the Indian Ocean

Home Melodies

Indian Ocean’s first album in nearly a decade unites jazz and folk, rock and classical. Tatsam Mukherjee talks to the bandmates

Sea Power

There is an urgent need to project power in the Indian Ocean to deter Chinese intrusions and safeguard sea lanes

Pitch Perfect

Musical collaborations across genres make for fine onscreen drama

Rim of Life

A story of the Indian Ocean that goes beyond the usual sword and battlefield narratives of history

Music: Essential listening

Here’s my take on bands that have a body of work worth investing time and money in, and if they’re playing in your city, ensure that you catch the show. I’d trade my Buddy Guy pick to be a first-time listener of their music


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