Indian economy

Fragile Five to First Five

Minhaz Merchant

India is set to be the third largest economy by 2026

Betting on India

Nine transformative years have given the country a structural makeover and changed global perceptions

₹2000: A Brief Note

The withdrawal of the ₹2000 note is unlikely to have a negative impact on the economy but it will certainly check corruption

The Demands of Trade

India and the EU need to meet each other halfway

Through a Western Monocle

The cynic’s guide to India’s demographic dividend

The Age of Inflation

Rising interest rates are here to stay worldwide but India will find it easier to adapt

‘UP Will Be a $1 Trillion Economy by 2027, One-Fifth of the National Target’

Yogi Adityanath explains to Open how he made his state a secure place for investors

The Professional Pessimists

Facts have never stood in their way

Critical Success

A sound policy template enabled the Indian economy’s speedy recovery from the pandemic


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