India-Pakistan relations

The Doctrine of Indifference

MJ Akbar

Narendra Modi has formulated a cogent policy towards Pakistan: ignore the state and punish the rogue terrorist

Imran Khan: The Reckoning

Imran Khan had one ingrained virtue. He was breathtakingly sincere. But good intentions do not constitute good governance. Like an amateur, he overestimated his abilities when he needed wile or guile as strategy. On his day of judgment, Imran compared his predicament to that of Imam Hussain. The messiah may be faltering, but the messiah complex is alive and well

A Matter Of Political Will

Aggression, attitude and actionable intelligence

The Kartarpur Model

A corridor for Sikh pilgrims and an opportunity for South Asia

The Curse of Geography

Cautious pragmatism drives Modi’s foreign policy. A multi-aligned India pursuing omnidirectional cooperation for mutual benefit with key players will be better positioned to advance its security and economic interests

Back to Kashmir

The post-Balakot story has many variations

Seven Minutes That Changed India

Inside the Balakot Operation and how it will further strengthen Prime Minister Modi

The Cult of Denial

What unites the doubting liberal and his nationalist nemesis

A Call for Containment

The next stage in dealing with a belligerent neighbour

Breaking the Habit

By launching an air strike on terrorist camps in Pakistan, India has called a long-standing Pakistani bluff


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