I Don’t Look, Therefore I Am

Sonali Kokra

Giving up mirrors for 31 days gave Sonali Kokra the time and space to reflect upon and reclaim her life. What began as an experiment in self imagery turned out to be an unexpectedly radical act of self love

Sales Pitch on the Stump

The raging multi-million brand war is the biggest ever in Indian politics

Eye, Me, Myself

What selfies say about people

The Mask of Publicity

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has plucked the notion of power-with-accountability out of the political domain and planted it in a personalised celebrity universe

Confessions of a Lifestyle PR Professional

“There are good journalists and there are those with attitude who think we are stupid. I do wish they had more respect for us”

Niira Radia’s Nightmare

For India’s most successful public image manager to suffer an image crisis is an irony that requires us to think beyond the obvious.

Old Men and Hairstyles

Why do we chuckle at the peacock dance of flamboyant middle-aged men?

Why Rahul Is Popular

A lot of them, men and women, upper caste Hindus and Dalits, young and old, find Rahul “clean, accessible and energetic”. His looks count for something too.

Curry Recipes

In India for a Nat Geo assignment, photographer Steve McCurry rebuts criticism that he is a one-image wonder


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