The Eco Chamber

Keerthik Sasidharan

Umberto Eco showed that behind the questions we pose are ones we dare not

The New Theology of Victimhood

When the Directorate of Sensitivity steps in

Killing the Slow Brain

How social media feeds unreason

The Politburo of Pieties

Pravda is being reinvented digitally to sustain the new progressivism

The Toolkit of Dissent

Righteous and unforgiving, the dissident is the new ideologue

Hashtag Democracy

Isn’t it time for a Big Tech glasnost?

The Rites of Liberation

The Rites of Liberation The Modi government held its nerve and enhanced India’s faith in itself

The American Unravelling

Will Trumpism now become a ghost story?

Best of 2020 Books: My Choice

Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Sunil Khilnani | William Dalrymple | Jeet Thayil | Shashi Tharoor | TCA Raghavan | David Davidar | Aatish Taseer | Ira Mukhoty | Mahesh Rao | Dipankar Gupta | Srinath Raghavan | Tabish Khair | Tishani Doshi | Anita Nair

Best of 2020 Books: Politics: Rethinking Histories

Sixteen Stormy Days | France before 1789 | The Revolution that Failed | Trade Wars Are Class Wars | The World Imagined


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