The Backstory of our Anxieties

TCA Raghavan

We are still living in the changes authored by the years 1979 and 1989

Anger Management

The Indian street needs a new fighter, not from the closed books of religion. Nor from the ghost houses of ideologies

A Brief and Biased History the Decade

How do we want to remember 2010-19?

A History of Forking Paths

The countdown to the post-post-World War II age has begun

On Gandhi and Gandhism

By his actions, Gandhi demonstrated the power of the powerless catapulting him as an icon of thought leadership for all times to come

Being Doubtful in a Secular World

The history of Indian disbelief adds a wrinkle to the story of modernity

Where is the Hindu Right Going?

Look who’s eroding the Modi ecosystem

Who’s Afraid of Freedom?

Three decades after 1989, the autocrat has become the sole choreographer of freedom

Uniform Behavioural Code

What undermines Modi and his message is not the grievance of a signature but the violence and vulgarism of religious vigilantes

The Price of Success

Capitalism’s victory is all encompassing but it has also led the world to a cul-de-sac of ideas


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