Can’t Blame the Gods

Keerthik Sasidharan

QAnon and other Americanisms that challenge reality

The Silence of the Moderate

The shrinking middle in politics

Surrealists and Communists in Paris

A counter-exhibition that changed Western understanding of colonial cultures

The Revenge of Ideology

Don’t write off the Rasputin of resentment politics

The Expert and the Populist

Between the politburo of knowledge and the callousness of politics

The Decline of Dissent

Or the intellectual deficit of protest today

Editor’s Note

The dispute over freedom remains unresolved

The Politics of Masks

How ideologies divide a world when it is most vulnerable

The Rot in Rhetoric

The China-India border dispute, too, did not escape a schizoid response

Radicalisation of the Liberal

They want the homogenisation of the mind to preserve the new doctrine of social justice


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