The Measure of Moditva

Does the ‘F’ word apply to India?

Editor’s Note

Does democracy need a new management model?

Seeking Truth with Tagore

Thoughts on the uses of his ideas on the eve of his 80th death anniversary

One Hundred Years of the Party

How Mao's fiction has been kept alive by his successors

The Aesthetics of Indian Politics

How to appreciate the greatest spectacle on earth

“One Leader, One Nation”

In her last years in power, even Indira Gandhi was a much diminished figure

Let Ideas Play. Don’t Dogmatise Them

Why politics’ anti-elitism stifles creativity

Misreading the Mahatma

Gandhi was not enough for Naipaul. Why he was wrong

What’s Past is Prologue

Listen to the whispers of history and be warned


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