Misreading the Mahatma

Vinay Lal

Gandhi was not enough for Naipaul. Why he was wrong

What’s Past is Prologue

Listen to the whispers of history and be warned

Questions of Identity

What does Islam mean to Indians, Muslim and non-Muslim

The New Establishment

The assertion of Hindutva and the disintegration of the Nehruvian order

Maoists or Sub-Rural Thugs?

Getting out of the fallacy of ‘compassion vs combat’

Chasing the Elephant’s Shadow

Badri Narayan’s book throws new light on the RSS. The author tells Rahul Pandita how the organisation is trying to inculcate a vision of modernity coupled with traditional wisdom

The Eco Chamber

Umberto Eco showed that behind the questions we pose are ones we dare not

The New Theology of Victimhood

When the Directorate of Sensitivity steps in

Killing the Slow Brain

How social media feeds unreason

The Politburo of Pieties

Pravda is being reinvented digitally to sustain the new progressivism


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