India in the Time of Gandhi

Dhirendra K Jha

Historian Ramachandra Guha has stirred up a controversy with his suggestion of a late 1940s collusion between the Left and Muslim communalists in Hyderabad, but the facts don’t justify his claim

Get It Right

We couldn’t prise the patented haleem recipe of out of anyone’s lips. But here’s a version

The Fall of Hyderabad

On the 62nd anniversary of this princely state’s surrender to the Indian Union, a look back at the trail of events that led up to it.

Sex, Drugs, Cops in Hyderabad

What goes on behind the scenes in the Telugu film industry has been cast into the spotlight by a police force out to expose a secret world of Hyderabad’s powerful.

Cyberabad as Hyperabad

The Telangana agitation has the city in hyperventilation mode on both sides of the divide. What’s hurting badly is Brand Hyderabad.


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