Get up, Stand up…

Akshay Sawai

‘Don’t give up the fight,’ commanded Bob Marley. As if on cue, India has a lively bunch of comedians standing up for our right to laughter. They make the perfect accomplices in our hunt for humour

Ragini MMS

A low-budget, low-art film, so canny it leaves you rivetted right till the end

How We are Funny

Two online humorists tell us about what led them there, and where they go next.

Peepli (Live)

Paradoxically, a film on the Indian media that shines only when the media is off-screen.

Too Much to Handle

The humour and quiet elegance do work. But two-time Booker winner Peter Carey packs in so many characters and subplots that you’re exhausted.

A Day at the Karachi Litfest

I so look forward to the day when cultural activities in Pakistan can be judged on merit rather than the apparently astonishing fact that they exist to begin with.

Golden Kela

Second Salvo for Bollywood’s Razzies

Zadie and the Art of the Essay

Funny, relaxed and red blooded, Zadie Smith shows she’s much more than just a novelist.

Existential Aaargh

The Marx Brothers were right. X’mas or not, there aint no ‘sanity clause’, not in book contracts.

3 Idiots

A campy film about campus problems that is so much fun, it forgets the real issues it set out to critique.


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