The Unruly Road to Revolution

Siddharth Singh

The emergence of constitutional politics in America has a larger story to tell

The Relativism of Textbooks

History is meant to be written and rewritten

The Twilight City

Swapna Liddle portrays a Delhi where histories overlap

A Portrait of Intrigue

The passions of artists at a Mughal atelier

Maratha Power

Uday Kulkarni has single-handedly rescued history from the abdication of responsibilities by professional historians

The Architecture of Atonement

What Germany could teach Pakistan about admitting genocide

Who Are We?

The past as a permanent struggle

The World Has a Ball

We could learn something from football. Break the law and there will be a stern penalty. That keeps the game credible

“Popular” History

There is a thriving market in history books

Memory as Metaphor

Magic realism meets history in this retelling of Bangladesh’s origins


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