The Truth About Gyanvapi

Sandeep Balakrishna

By Attempting to sanitise Aurangzeb’s anti-Hindu legacy, historians have done him a disservice

Historical Lives

TCA Raghavan redeems three masters of the past

Jadunath Sarkar, GS Sardesai and Raghubir Sinh: Three Lives in History

Jadunath Sarkar, GS Sardesai and Raghubir Sinh offer lessons in dissent in our own time of churn

1919: A Portrait

One hundred years after the year of reckoning

History Minus Hinduism

Time to save textbooks from Leftist historians

Faisal Devji: Time Traveller

His scholarship helps us understand Islam better and grasp the intricacies of Jihadist thought

Srinath Raghavan: War of Words

In his new book, the historian shows how modern South Asia remains a product of the World War II

What Is Past Is Provocation

The lamentation of Romila Thapar, our most venerable historian, is understandable: philistines have come to dominate the political space. The age of the philosopher king is gone; today it is all about spin and sound bites.

The Fight for Nehru’s Legacy

The Nehru Memorial Museum and Library faces an unprecedented uproar from Indian historians, and it’s not without reason


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