The Dharmic Devi

Bibek Debroy

The meaning of liberation and devotion as told to Himalaya

A Prayer to Devi

When Himalaya wanted a daughter

Lost and Found

A young woman’s search for meaning in the Himalayas

A Himalayan Faultline

Reckless building of infrastructure has been blamed for the mess

Mountains of the Mind

Exploring the mysteries of faith and fate

Those Who are Left Behind

Two women struggle for survival in a Himalayan ghost village

‘Margot, I Am Not Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’

Vivekananda and the Himalayan connection—Part XI

All about My Mother

Modernity and tradition face off in an Indie drama set in the Himalayas

The Rites of Pilgrimage

Vivekananda and the Himalayan connection—Part X


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